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LV "trash bag" price for 1960 U.S. dollars

Louis Vuitton 2010 Spring and Summer launched Raindrop Besace purse, this bag is price at 1960 U.S. dollars that similar to the "garbage bag" .

Louis Vuitton in 2007 to launch the Snakeskin Bag

Louis Vuitton in 2007 had launched the Snakeskin bag (original bags popular again), do not know there is an impression yet? However, compare with this year the new (as Marc Jacobs Sweet Love Well, this time using new materials rain) really is far away from this.

Louis Vuitton bags in the new spring series, it had a "garbage bag", which is very characteristic. The garbage bags Raindrop Besace purse retail price is up to 1960 U.S. dollars.

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